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Why to qualify in BPMS? BPMS is a tool to automate, execute and monitor business processes from bottom to top, connecting people with people, people width systems and systems with systems. The organizations which use BPMS will be able to develop projects in less than half the time than with...

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No more endless projects

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Apia Online: evaluate a powerful BPMS

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Discover the benefits this technology can contribute to your business

  • Implementation of “cross-functional” processes in an agile and effective way
  • Integration of the business information dispersed in different systems
  • Monitoring of the fulfilment of the business' key factors
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In order to enlarge the workflow and BPM community in universities, STATUM launches the 2010 Scholarship Program, with the aim that more people become closer with this technology by learning and using the product, Apia.

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STATUM is a regional market leader in the IT Solutions Business Process Management System (BPMS) enterprise. With over 10 years experience, offices in Sao Paulo, New York and Montevideo, service coverage throughout Latin America and strategic partnerships with Deloitte, Bull, Oracle and Pink Elephant, we care every day to provide our customers and partners business solution with the highest level of quality and commitment.

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